55th Annual CSEG Ski Spree

The Annual CSEG Ski Spree is back on, and you’re invited!

Winter is upon us and it’s time to look forward to the annual CSEG Ski Spree from February 25 till 27 2022 at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in BC. For 54 years this event has been a huge success and allowed geophysicists, their families, and all associated services professionals a little time away from home to enjoy the sunny slopes. Although the ski spree has always had a family focus It has been open to anyone from the geophysical industry.

For any organisation to grow and flourish it is important to recognise the winds of change and adjust course when necessary. Our industry has been hard hit – making it even more important than ever to ensure that everyone feels welcome at our event – especially those that have not attended in the past due to the idea that this was a “family only event.” There has always been plenty of kid friendly events and ways to keep them entertained, but most of the programming is geared towards adults. For that reason, we wanted to formally invite anyone in the geophysical industry to the next Ski Spree. Married – Single and every stage in between.

The CSEG ski spree is an excellent opportunity to network, see old friends, make new connections, and even look for an employment opportunity. What better place to do that than on the friendly slopes of Fairmont British Columbia? We look forward to another superb CSEG Ski Spree and hope we can count on you for your new or continued support.

- The CSEG Ski Spree organizing committee

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